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Seven sweet just born. Seven charming flats, that save from péyo of our grandparents the most important treasure: the home environment that lives of sensations and details, each of which wished with love.

Ancient woods warming the walls. Wrought iron bed-heads thought to adorn moderately. Chests, old pictures, abat-jours and small drawings in pretty curtains, small windows old style, bedrooms with mansard, tiny balcony faced on glacier, every detail is chosen with taste.

Every flat is born to be lived, the kitchens are made with woods and marble, full equipped to allow nice dinners with friends. A covered garage is internally connected with the apartment, where it is possible to leave the skiing-boot in the ski-room. There is the laundry and the ironing-room, the internet point and in every flat the satellite-tv, and dvd.

Jewel laid down on the sunny side at one step from the ski-tracks, you can love Lo Péyo and you can feel as at home.


New WiFi

New WiFi system based on Vodafone 4G for a really great professional connectivity !!!