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Antagnod - Ayas

Lo Peyo is situated in a natural sunny terraced village called Antagnod (1728 m.) in front of the “Monte Rosa” glacier.


The name origins from “ante-lignum” that means before forest. In our days forest no more exists, it has been replaced with pastures, but the wood is always present in one of the best saved village in the Alps: in the “rascard” (granary where corn, butter, bread were stored), made with tree trunk fixed joint each other mounted on stone support with mushroom shape; in the “sabot” wood shoes produced in the past in Ayas and exported all over the world, still used today.

It is not by chance that the most important baroque altar in Valle d'Aosta is in San Martino parish church in Antagnod, in a contest that it was capable to stay as it was in '700. Even the “patois” language; a French-Provençal dialect that in this area feel the German Walser influence becoming a real restricted slang.

Antagnod is not only this. It is also a ski paradise with a lot of ski-lift, artificial snow when needed, ski school, refuges, fun-park, pubs, restaurants, shops, palestra and residence with kindness, reception and professionality.


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